Amihailu in Dreamland 1.00 has reached 100 downloads…

Via the mediafire distro. The GameJolt distro adds almost 100 more to that total, and indiedb and Steam a few more. So! It has more downloads than 0.10 ever got already!

And the number is climbing!

16 plays

A chill tune reminiscent of Itsuki waiting on his copy of Zapnef or something. I was thinking a lot about Someday when I was making a simple synth patch.

A sort of dark dance track with dirty synths and a little bitcrushed piano.

56 plays

Just a random music effect I made.

A followup to “XenoVision”.

Fan Music of SesakaMonster’s Iter Itineris game. The effects (XenoVisions as they’re called) make you into various alien monstrosities and it’s great.

So, I made kind of a monstrous piece with plenty of bitcrushing and distortion. Kind of like some alien dance club.

Do you like doritos?

Yeah. But I can’t eat ‘em all the time, or I’ll get fat again.

Trying to stave off the extra pounds for… uh… college.

You should make an animated show with dialogue. Video game turned dramatic comedy show.

Animation’s hard. I’d probably just design the characters and hire talented animators to do all the gruntwork.

There are people out there who do skits with RPG Maker though.

Minor Update

I just got a professional-grade set of studio headphone monitors (cheapo Sony MDR-7506s, but they’re the audio engineering standard)

It should help with the accuracy of my mixing and mastering, provided I remember to turn my global EQ off beforehand…

28 plays

I made fewer mistakes in this take, but I did make a big one (that I played my way out of—can you tell?) Nerves still kinda got the better of me and I swear I can play this song perfectly sometimes.

30 plays

I played this tune today. There’s some mistakes since I choked up every time I did a take. I would say “try to ignore them”, but it starts on a spot where I choke up—I need to get better at playing for an “audience”.

It’s an arrangement of that little song that plays for many Collepic games.