Bleh. Kaeriyume.

It’s a bland game that suffers from the same problem as a lot of new games. All of the starting areas are of the Void With Some Stuff type, with little to no interactivity and not any connections that I can find. The music is really bland short loops, nothing to see here.

The graphics are pretty good for the most part, and the sprite style is definitely a proper upscaled take on Madotsuki’s sprite. The Q key wakes you up (like in Nightmare Castle) and the artwork in the worlds is pretty decent. I really can’t shake the feeling that all the effort went into the head and torso though, because the arms and legs are extremely simplistic-looking.

I haven’t posted any screenshots because even posting a single one would invalidate the need to download and play the entire 9MB package.

A new game called Kaeriyume is out, and it’s a VX Ace game!

I don’t usually care much about new fangames, but I’ll be trying this one. A look at the screenshot should reveal my impetus.

I know I haven’t really said anything in weeks. There’s nothing to report, I’m afraid. I’m just busy wondering what my next project (if any) should be, and what technical hoops I have the time and patience to jump through to get there. Hell Diary is out of the question; it’s simply more developmentally demanding of a game than I’m willing to make. I’ve been doing technical and graphical bits here and there, but nothing as big as the adaptive tile transparency or making Eun’s apartment.

The next game (if it’s made) is very likely to be another Tumydorado game, if anything (there’s two skeletons on the backburner). Could be Hell. Who knows.

Mr. Bunny.

A quick doodle of Kekoha in a weird style to try out a new pose (and have an excuse to draw a G3!)

A quick doodle of Kekoha in a weird style to try out a new pose (and have an excuse to draw a G3!)

Again with the bitcrushed piano?!

Well, I like the really granular sound it’s got…

Amihailu in Dreamland 1.00 has reached 100 downloads…

Via the mediafire distro. The GameJolt distro adds almost 100 more to that total, and indiedb and Steam a few more. So! It has more downloads than 0.10 ever got already!

And the number is climbing!

59 plays

A chill tune reminiscent of Itsuki waiting on his copy of Zapnef or something. I was thinking a lot about Someday when I was making a simple synth patch.

A sort of dark dance track with dirty synths and a little bitcrushed piano.

69 plays

Just a random music effect I made.

A followup to “XenoVision”.

Fan Music of SesakaMonster’s Iter Itineris game. The effects (XenoVisions as they’re called) make you into various alien monstrosities and it’s great.

So, I made kind of a monstrous piece with plenty of bitcrushing and distortion. Kind of like some alien dance club.

Do you like doritos?

Yeah. But I can’t eat ‘em all the time, or I’ll get fat again.

Trying to stave off the extra pounds for… uh… college.