This could be in Hell Diary, or maybe Amihailu in Dreamland… or it could be standalone and free to use, like it is right now!

Re-arrangement of Simcity 2000’s “subway song”, my favourite song from the game.

Following in the footsteps of Takako’s Theme, I give Fumiko a groovy theme too.

the link for the yume nikki dating sim is broken. ):

That thing is ancient. I was clearing out the dropbox one day and that joke program was one of the first things to go. Sorry :(

A brief orchestral piece, maybe a preparation screen for a TRPG? It’s free to use (just credit me and maybe let me know you used it.)

I re-composed Takako’s theme. I think I’ll be putting together a new Hell Diary Collections album! Which will, once again, be new arrangements of old themes along with some brand new ones.





花の散るらむ ver0.00 ダウンロード

Is that you, Ruho? Everyone thought they’d never see you again!

Say… you haven’t migrated to a better game, have you? I could swear you look a bit… extra. Ruho, plus more…