An album with the game’s OST.
Contains a few bonus tracks. I finally compiled this album. Now I’ll need to move my music uploads somewhere else.

Noyemi K., Phaydor F. - MUSIC2
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I’ve been redoing some of the tracks in Amihailu in Dreamland over the past few days. I’ve also been re-arranging the game so I can work on it more easily and changed the dialogue so that Amihailu is in character and nothing too confusing is introduced too quickly… except for the protagonist herself.

Wanna Make Music? (+bonus tip)

I want to give new composers a few tips on how to get a little further in their craft. I’m not a 5-star composer myself, but I know enough about the technical ins-and-outs of making music to provide help to people looking to start creating. For now, I’ll just cover a few basic things:

  • Work in your favourite environment. Like trackers more than piano roll sequencers? OpenMPT is a full DAW, and it’s free. LMMS is also free, for people looking for step sequencers with piano rolls. It’s somewhere between FL and Cubase in terms of usability for me.
  • Make a lot of music. Short songs, long ones, crappy ones. It gets you more familiar with the tools at your disposal, which comes in handy as you grow with your DAW.
  • Try a few different styles. A lot of people start out with orchestral or gravitate to certain instruments, but over time they become comfortable searching for the sounds they want and even look into sound synthesis. This is Natural and Good™. Branching out helps all of your strong areas grow as you integrate new techniques and tools into your repertoire.
  • Try working with others. Collaboration in every degree is fun and the ability to work with clients, other composers, and yourself is a great set of skills to have (especially if you want to go pro, I’m told). If you’re as friendly as is necessary to get ahead (and you should be; I’ll assume you are), you should be getting comfortable and paid work should start to look more viable.

And that’s about all the basic, no-brainer stuff I can cover. If it helps, I have been offered paid work for mobile games in the past, but I declined because I was a bit full of myself and didn’t like the idea of a royalty deal on a piece of software that might not sell well. So here’s another tip:

Sometimes, out of the blue, you might get an offer. You have to weigh the opportunity of monetary gain against the possible experience gain and portfolio credits. I’m not too worried about money myself at the moment, which is why I’d like to help developers and composers alike bring sound to everyone (for free, as much as I can). If you’re patient and you get good at what you do, people won’t mind paying to use your work. Sometimes lots.

what program to you use to make your music?

I use FL Studio, but any DAW (such as LMMS) can give you a good result. Coda, for example, uses OpenMPT, which is a tracker DAW (!)

Requests slots are now all taken!

Not to worry though, there are so far two challenges down, two happy people, and one person whose day I hope I can make with the last tune.

I love you!!! What makes you so awesome? 💘

Lumpee’s super magic is what powers me@

Your style is rad!

Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner, I didn’t seem to get this message until just now ._.

Thank you very much!

Now there is just one spot left! I’ll have to reopen the requests train again with more spots next time I do it.

Wow! First request is already in. There are now just two open spots this week.

Let me make you a tune!

Hey, psst, fangame devs:

I got an itch I need to scratch… the itch to make music! Come get a tune for your game, maybe… it’s free!


  1. Reblog this, so interested parties can see. Obviously I can only do one request at a time.
  2. Send me a request via ask or reblog. Don’t get too specific, I’m not used to doing music requests (although I will do my very best to make sure you’ll like it).
  3. In your request, use one or two adjectives to describe it. “Dark, smooth”, “sparkly”, etc. Tell me around how long you want the loop, up to a minute. Also let me know what format you need it in (.WAV, .OGG, .MP3, etc.)
  4. If there are several requests, I’ll let you know. If there’s a whole bunch, I probably won’t be able to do them all.
  5. Wait as I make your music. It could take anywhere from an hour to a few days (depending on my mood and the atmosphere you want)
  6. Enjoy your new game music loop!

This week, I’m going to start off with three requests just to trial this. I feel like making a bunch of music, and channeling my inspiration to help others would feel nice.

One last note, it’s not necessary to follow me to get music. It’s not that I expect people to follow and then unfollow after they get their tune (who does that?) I just don’t want to limit it to followers only. But of course, if you DO want to follow me, here or elsewhere, that would be nice. c:

Just a relaxed tune.